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Jan 13 2012

Window Seats / Day Beds / Reading Nooks

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I love windowseats. There is nothing nicer than a cosy reading nook and with the natural light flowing in, a cosy window seat ticks all the boxes. Unfortunately I don’t have one but if we ever restore a certain house, there will be windowseats in its deep windows! Here’s a few of my favourites:

Although would you need a good head for heights with this one?  A great way to make a cosy space from a stairs window and once you climb up there, you’re unlikely to be interrupted except by passing traffic!

So much natural light in this one – it might be a tough choice between reading a book and looking at that view!

This is a great one for children – create a comfy reading nook on a landing but simply cordoning it off with curtains or a room divider, putting up some shelves and placing in a beanbag or a comfy chair.

Okay, this isn’t strictly a window seat but it is so cute, I had to include it – perfect for reading there during the day. Imagine being curled up in the topmost bunk with a good book on a windy and raining winter’s day – pure bliss!

This image proves that even the smallest of spaces can be transformed into a cute and cosy reading nook – I love the addition of the throw, the plants and the lamp – really do add the finishing touches.

I’ve featured this last image once before but I love it so much, I’m using it again. I read the entire Harry Potter series to the children from Sept – Dec, finishing the last 2 books over Christmas. Everytime Brian came in from the farmwork (and thank goodness he had farmwork to do or he would have driven us mad) we were curled up on the sofa in front of the fire. I think the longest session was a 5 hour read of the last book one day – I was almost hoarse. Now, if I’d had a window seat like this – I’d never leave it so perhaps it is just as well I don’t!

Images: Hooked on Houses, Safdier Rabines; These Moments of Mine; Suzie Beezie; The Inspired Room;

If you had to choose, which one would be your favourite?

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Oct 18 2011

Tips for Wallpapering Feature Walls

I was asked this question recently ‘How do you decide on a paint colour for the other walls when wallpapering a feature wall?’

Wallpapering feature walls is very popular and works particularly well in rooms such as bedrooms when the ‘unbroken’ wall (not broken up by windows or doors) is that which the bed is set against.  It also works well in reception rooms with a fireplace (either the whole wall, the chimney breast or the alcoves can be wallpapered), bathrooms and within rooms that are an unusual shape.

But how to decide on the paint colour? Choose your wallpaper first and then you have to decide on whether you want to wallpaper to really stand out as the feature or not.  If you do, it is best to let the paint blend into the background of the wallpaper so the paint colour will be similar to or lighter than the main background wallpaper colour.

In my own hall, you can see that the backgrounds in the Taraz wallpaper and in the fabric are of a similar tone. The carpet has varying shades so we opted for Farrow & Ball’s Old White for the other 3 walls which is lighter, partly because the hall can be quite dark.  There is a very subtle metallic stripe in the wallpaper which means that it looks much darker in the evenings and can be quite bright when the late afternoon sun is streaming in.

This bedroom from House to Home has a matching pair of curtains to the feature wall wallpaper and rather than letting the painted walls recede  into the background with white paint, they are making a bolder statement by picking out the vivid green leaf detailing in the pattern.  This gives the other walls more impact but also draws more attention to the pattern within the wallpaper and fabric.

In this living room (image also from House to Home) , the feature wall simply has a couple of strips of wallpaper in its centre and symmetry is created with the positioning of the console table, the lamps, the framed wallpapers and the centralised coffee table.  Here the silvery grey in the wallpaper pattern is used on the walls which gives the wallpaper and the yellow chaise much more impact in this room.

I hope those tips help. If you have any more queries, do add them in the comments.

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Jun 10 2011

Colours amongst the White

Published by under living room

I spotted this over on Sfgirlbybay the other day, the home of Charlotte Gueniau, owner of Rice and love the colours, check out her blog post for more photos but aren’t these splashes of strong vivid colours against the white divine?

I’m doing a sponsored cycle tomorrow for the kids school – not sure I’ll be able to walk on Sunday but hopefully the sun will shine and the rain clouds will stay away – hope you have a good weekend,

Lorna x

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