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‘Before and Afters’ Category

Jan 18 2012

Doll’s House Shelving Idea for a Little Girl’s Room

One of our readers, Beatrice Whelan, spotted this set of Doll’s House shelves on our blog some time ago, after we had spotted it on the House to Home website.

Is it a doll’s house? Is it shelves? It’s both as well as being absolutely fabulous. I have been gently reminding Brian to make one for Kate and he protests that she has plenty of shelves. However, I feel, that like shoes, a girl can never have enough shelves.

Beatrice sent me pictures of the set of shelves her brother made for her little girl and now that I have seen these, the gentle reminders Brian has been getting will be becoming a more savage nag! Isn’t this just gorgeous?

Before Paint!

Painted and wallpaper with offcuts from Designer’s Guild’s latest collection for children, doesn’t this look fabulous and it will last this beautiful little girl for many many years.  I think Beatrice did a terrific job.

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Sep 15 2011

A Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Fancy a teddy bear’s picnic in the garden? What do you need? Well, marmalade sandwiches I guess and some really cute chairs like these :)

Chair - Before & After
Chair - Before & After

I’ve been experimenting on Pic Monkey to create a long tall skinny photo for pinterest so here’s another one!

The pink chair belongs to Kate. I had stripped and painted it months ago and the fabric was sitting there waiting for me to cover it. Then a client asked me to get her little girl’s chair upholstered when we were doing her bedroom so when I was sending it along (coincidentally in the same Primrose Hill Designers Guild fabric but a different colourway), I sent along Kate’s chair too.

I have to admit I squealed when I saw both chairs – I think they are gorgeous and I’m sure both little girls feel like princesses sitting in them.

By the way, if you are looking for  Designers Guild fabric we can order it for you if you are looking for something in particular, check out their website and then do get back to us if you would like help calculating how much you require or any pricing information.  Just use the contact form above to email us or feel free to phone.

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Apr 11 2011

Monday Makeover

Published by under 'Before and Afters'

In the absence of my own ‘Monday Makeover’ I am going to post (with kind permission) the photos that a customer sent me – she was delighted with the ‘Build a Tree’ wall stickers for her hall and by the sounds of it, they had great fun re arranging leaves and the ‘Twitterers for Boys’ stickers.

And they  had great fun rearranging the birds again.

In her email, she described how she will add the ‘autumnal’ leaves from the Holiday decorations with Deer set  of stickers that she also bought, and then closer to Christams, the Christmas decorations and the deer will be added. Isn’t that a lovely way to mark the changing of the seasons?

She also purchased the Palm pendant light for her children’s room but hadn’t realised it was self assembly so was a little taken aback when it arrived in its small packaging. However, I think she’s done a great job of assembling it and it looks perfect. What do you think?

I love seeing photos of your purchases from Garrendenny Lane so if you would like to share some, I’d be over the moon, you can either email them to me directly or post them up on our Facebook page. Many thanks.

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Apr 05 2011

Roomers on RTE

Have you been watching the new interior design/decorating programme Roomers, on RTE 1 on Sunday evenings? Unfortunately they seem to have taken some of the most irritating bits of Showhouse and brought them to this programme such as the questionable voting system and endless repetition.

The brief is that 3 interior designers are each given a room in a different house, given a fixed budget and the task of transforming the room – starting to sound like Changing Rooms?? Not quite, they do have a larger budget and the owners of the houses aren’t doing each other’s homes!

My fav room from Sunday’s episode was this drawing room:

I love the Sanderson Etchings and Roses wallpaper in yellow, the perfect wallpaper for a large room and it really looks lovely here, I also like the placement of chairs, side tables and lamps. The only things I don’t like in this room are the rug and the chandelier (which was really brassy when shown on the TV).

If you didn’t see the programme, you can see the other rooms here. I have to admit I didn’t like either of them, the designers used fabulous wallpapers in each room but the hall ended up looking a bit like a hotel corridor with the use of so many panels with wallpaper within them and I just couldn’t get past that fireplace and glass/wrought iron coffee table.

Have you been watching it? What do you think?

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Apr 04 2011

Monday Makeovers – a neglected cupboard gets some TLC

Published by under 'Before and Afters',Wallpapers

I hope you all had a good weekend, we had a busy one! Between caring for the kids (goat variety), bringing Becky  to the billy goat for the third time (Brian usually brings her but children and I brought her this time – and we left her there overnight partly because I didn’t really want to have the kids to have  a goat induced biology lesson!), the children had their first  Beaver camp (indoor) and of course we had Mother’s day (lunch out and lots of homemade, school made and Beaver made cards).

Becky in the back of the farm car!

Katie getting one of her bottle feeds

Old cupboard before and after

This old cupboard came from Brian’s original house, he remembers it holding medicine for cattle and taking a sip from something once and being quite ill afterwards! We stripped it back in the 90s and it held various things in our bathrooms for years. It has been in the garage for some time and partly due to feeling fond of it, I decided to do something with it (I have to admit I have lots of pieces of furniture that needed lots of TLC over the year and I’m attached to their memories)

I gave it a rub down with sandpaper, one coat of primer, a coat of undercoat, 2 coats of water-based eggshell (Dove by Designers Guild) and then the fun started for the wallpaper.  I have various lengths that I use for projects like this/gift wrapping/samples/displays etc so I let Kate choose which wallpapers she wanted (having decided it was going to be going in her bedroom).

Brian had to move the hinges on the door when putting it together again so I need to do a little paint touching up! We chose the Designers Guild Daisy Patch wallpaper in fuchsia for the front of the cupboard.

The bottom wallpaper is Designers Guild Crayon in blossom. I love love love the top wallpaper – it is Designers Guild’s Meadowsweet in peony. I just love the whole narrative/story telling / child like quality of it.  I can just imagine any child looking at this wallpaper and dreaming of running up to that cottage and flying away in the balloon to faraway lands.  Each of these wallpapers retails at €33 a roll by the way and do get in touch as we can order any of them for you.

It is still a little rough and ready but this piece of furniture has a history and I’m delighted to have it back in the house, stocking prettier things than cattle medicine!!

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