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Jan 28 2013

Oh, for a cushion

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What do you look for in a cushion? Apart from the fabric used, I like cushions to be well padded with a feather inner so that it has some weight to it and yet has enough give so that it can mould to my shape, be it if I plonk it on my lap, place it behind my back , or lie down and pop my weary head on it.

We recently stayed in the lovely Maryborough Hotel in Cork and reception is based in the original house. Walking in, it was lovely to be greeted by an open fire with sofas in Swaffer’s cut velvet fabric and see beautiful silk curtains, also in  Swaffer fabric – good quality, luxurious (nice silk cushions on the sofas too) and in keeping with the style of the building.  The bar area was comfortable too, lots of faux leather sofas and chairs placed in a long line – at first glance, I thought that each grouping was very close and the noise levels would be high if it was busy but it was fine. My only criticism was the cushions – they would drive me mad and I bet they drove staff balmy.  They were of cheap fabric and cheap fillers, they slipped and slid around against the leatherette of the sofa so they didn’t stay tucked in neat to the corners of the sofas, hence not looking as appealing and inviting as they could have. Neither did they contour to the shape of your back, they actually reminded me of boomerangs!

Cushions at Garrendenny Lane

Good quality cushions can really raise the bar in terms of adding to the luxurious feel of a room. A couple of cut velvet cushions interspersed with cheaper cushions can add so much to even an inexpensive sofa. Do you agree or do you think good quality cushions are overrated?

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One Response to “Oh, for a cushion”

  1. Claireon 28 Jan 2013 at 5:28 pm

    I saw some beautiful cushions that would definitely spruce thing up but the price was way beyond my budget. I ended up buying a cheaper similar version and to be honest, they look just as nice. I would have preferred the others but couldn’t justify the cost.