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Oct 01 2011

How to co-ordinate your curtain fabric with your choice of wallpaper

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I was recently asked ‘how do you work out what curtain fabric goes with your wallpaper especially when you want to wallpaper all four walls?’. I thought it was a brilliant question that I’d answer in a blog post rather than trying to tweet some answers.

We probably all can remember those wallpaper borders that co-ordinated with the wallpaper and matched the curtain fabric and the bedlinen – in fact, they might even have induced some nightmares. Some wallpaper and fabric designer companies still produce photos like that to display the new design.

A tad much methinks! Finches wallpaper and fabric by Sanderson

A striking monochrome colour scheme with floral black and white wallpaper and a slightly different design in the fabric.  While I like it, I couldn’t live with it. I like how the bedlinen is so plain and would prefer a contrasting fabric in the curtains – something that is quite plain with a raised stripe for contrast and texture.  Image from House to Home.

The image below from Designers Guild‘s Valadier indicates what I mean.

This picture by Jab shows how a monochrome scheme can be full of interest as long as different patterns (stripes against the frond wallpaper), textures and tones are used:

Also by Jab, this image shows how the matching curtain fabric and wallpaper means the two merge and in my opinion, is overwhelming:

The image below (Jab) shows that if you want to use matching fabrics and wallpapers, then use a panelling effect to break up the pattern with plain paint. Plain fabrics on seating and bedlinen will mean that the plain patterns will stand out against the patterned floral walls.

A busy wallpaper like a toile de jouy (below from House Beautiful) really needs a plain curtain fabric, (you can barely see that they have edged the leading edges of the cream curtains with a complementary colour to the wallpaper).

You can see in the picture by Lorient below that this vivid green floral wallpaper co-ordinates well with the simple leaf design, with the greens being of the same tone.

Gorgeous Charlotte fabric by Designers Guild in their first Royal Collection co-ordinates beautifully with the duck egg damask wallpaper.

Remember this tip – You can use the same colour scheme – but use a different pattern, e.g. striped fabric with floral wallpaper, plain fabrics with busy wallpaper, or a floral/leaf pattern that is much bigger or smaller in scale.

We are stockists for most of  the wallpapers displayed above so if you see something you like on the Designers Guild, Sanderson or Voyage Decoration websites, do contact us if you have a price enquiry.

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