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Jan 20 2009

Kilkenny Architectural Salvage – my type of shopping!

Published by at 11:00 pm under Decorating,Interiors,kitchen,Renovations

When I was in Kilkenny this morning, I popped into Kilkenny Architectural Salvage on the search for kitchen worktop and a fireplace.  Although salvage yards are always freezing and always have a hurricane blowing around, I have to say this one is really worth a visit – good stock and always tidy.  I don’t have time to attend auctions any more so a root around a salvage yard is a great alternative and you don’t have to wait around to bid! A great place to find  items such as old cast iron radiators, fireplaces, flooring, railings. They even have a fabulous pitch pine really wide staircase but you’d probably have to design and build your hall and house around the staircase!

I found the perfect worktop but of course, found other things I liked as well – more on those when I work out if they will fit in through the door or not!  There won’t be too many posts next week as I’ll be hacking off tiles and removing cupboards and painting doors and ceilings …..  I actually started hacking off the tiles tonight but there is a limit to what I can do before the weekend as I can’t really leave the kitchen looking like a bomb has hit it when my mother-in-law and sister-in-law are here, helping Brian look after the kids while I’m gallivanting (ooops, I meant working) in Paris.  I was quite looking forward to a bit of demolition work but found the tiles quite hard to remove, very few came off whole with most of them just shattering under quite a bit of elbow grease!  I’ve done about a quarter of it and Brian has taken over now for a while.

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